Sunday, June 24, 2012

Independent Party of Delaware PLATFORM 2012



The Independent Party of Delaware  exists  to  elect independent candidates (those
not affiliated with major parties) in the greater Public Interest.


Too much power has flowed into the hands of too few. This injustice must be thoroughly
reversed in order to effectively protect our Freedom, Prosperity and Security.  A larger and
more intrusive government,  operating behind closed doors, controlled by special interests,
is not  and cannot be  a better government.  In light of this,  the IPoD supports reforms that
bring about  the kind of change  that  puts  real  power  in  the hands of the people,  as  the
framers of the Constitution intended.


Modern Delaware government  must,  at all levels, be restructured to place the balance
of power in the hands of citizens in the greater common interest. Accordingly, we advocate
state constitutional amendments establishing:

   InitiativeThe right of citizens to draft and propose legislation;

    ReferendumThe right of citizens to ultimately vote on legislation and constitutional
amendments; and
    Recall --  The right of citizens to dismiss elected officials for just cause.


The  IPoD  fully supports enactment of a state constitutional amendment  precluding misuses
of the power of eminent domain by limiting public acquisition of private property solely to matters
of public use and necessity.  Furthermore, reasonable private land-use should be protected from
arbitrary, capricious and undue restriction, encumbrance, interference and complication.


    The People of Delaware  deserve  an effective public advocate  charged with  defense of the
common interest  in the face of  public corruption,  waste,  fraud  and abuse of power.  WE have
drafted legislation  creating  an independent elected Office of Inspector General,  having  wide
investigative, subpoena and prosecutorial powers over state government and political subdivisions
and fully support its constitutional and statutory implementation.


    Delaware has been ranked as the 4th most corrupt state in the union. This is a direct con-
sequence of our weak public integrity code. The IPoD fully supports thorough revision of the
Delaware Public Integrity Code  to prelude conflicts of interest and other forms of corruption
in order to rightfully restore our government to a higher standard.


    WE support term limits for all public offices.


     As Delaware’s primaries  are now  publicly funded, equal access to the primary election
process should be granted to all parties and unaffiliated voters to ensure open and equitable
candidate selection as a basic matter of equal protection under the law.  All reapportionment
should be accomplished through independent redistricting commissions.


   Citizens rightfully deserve an effective voice in their government at all levels.  Corporate

special interest groups have undue and inordinate influence and direction over  legislation,

public policy and administration through an elaborate system of  lobbying,  gifts  and other  

considerations. These activities corrupt the political process and must be curtailed forthwith.


    The flood of special interest money corrupts our campaigns and unduly influences public
policy at public expense. WE support full disclosure of campaign financing.


    All Delawareans should have the opportunity to elect their county administrators, county
attorneys,  finance directors  and  planning and zoning commissions.  WE strongly advocate
greater transparency, accountability, streamlining and optimization of county operations and
full restoration of the constitutional role of the Sheriff as elected Conservator of the Peace.   


WE advocate general election of the state judiciary in order to restore the proper balance
of power between branches of government and the People.


    Delaware’s Family Court system must be reconstructed to make it open, impartial and fair
in full accordance with the Delaware Constitution. The rights of children, parents and families
must  be  fully protected.   Current  institutional deficiencies, abuses and inequities  must  be
eliminated.  WE advocate increased penalties for pedophiles and major sex offenders.


    Delaware’s education system must be thoroughly reorganized and redirected to enable
all students to learn at their own rate and reach their maximum natural human potential  by
accurately evaluating individual learning styles. Critical educational policy decisions should
be made at the local community level. Overgrown educational bureaucracy must be stream-
lined and held more accountable to the People. Best available knowledge and methods must
be implemented, intellectual standards raised and creativity encouraged. The IPoD supports
development of a low-cost Internet-based university system for all Delawareans.


    In the face of global demands,   Delaware must actively investigate  clean, sustainable and
renewable energy sources by fostering a free market based culture of invention and innovation,
including but not limited to: solar, wind, biomass, hydrogen, high-temperature superconductors
and tidal sources. Our current energy policy needs thorough scientific and economic review, re-
structured towards increased domestic energy production with proper environmental safeguards
for the benefit of all Delawareans.  WE support rational encouragement of innovative/alternative
energy  sector development,  coupled with effective conservation,  self-generation  and  energy
efficient  building design.   This must be done  in a practical,  constitutional  and  cost-effective
framework of feasible technology without undue hardship to individuals and businesses


    Small and medium businesses and wage earners deserve  the same tax breaks  that the
banks and large corporations now enjoy. The tax structure should be reformed and simplified
to promote  savings,  investment and expansion.  Government must  thoroughly evaluate  its
operations to eliminate waste, fraud, incompetence and inefficiency before contemplating any
tax increase. WE advocate thorough systems analysis, optimization and independent review
of government operations, policies and procedures as a means of deficit reduction.

    Delaware’s economic development is integrally linked to advancement of affordable and
sustainable energy, an effective educational system, fair taxation, business incubators; and
elimination of arbitrary and unnecessary regulation. As complex problems require long-term
multi-dimensional thinking, WE favor an integrated approach to the problem based upon real
analysis, innovation and creativity.  Local  small and medium  business development should
not  be neglected  in  favor of  large multi-national corporations.  Programs  and  incentives
should  be  rationally  based.  “ Pet projects ”,  based  upon  political  favoritism, should  be
eliminated.   Where government can have  a  positive catalytic effect  towards effective and
sustainable economic development  in the greater public interest, it should do so; otherwise,
it should get out of the way.


In order to improve our roads and mass transit systems, we must first reform the current
system  by rethinking its accountability, contract negotiations, management philosophy,  in-
house capabilities,  inspections,  planning,  quality control,  design standards,  maintenance
procedures and methods. WE oppose selling public highways to private or foreign interests.


Delaware must  thoroughly re-evaluate and streamline  its current pollution control and
environmental policy  and  re-organize its agencies to better protect the public and natural
ecosystems.   It is an outrageous fact  that  90% of Delaware’s  natural waters  are  on the
USEPA’s 303(d) List of Impaired Waters, failing to meet their designated uses for drinking,
fishing and swimming. Our public drinking water supply and health have been dangerously
compromised by poor public policy.

We must protect  our environment and public health  effectively and fairly,  as  pollution
is a wasted resource and a sign of poor management. The distorted “ left vs. right “ political
mindset of “Environment vs. Economy” is dangerously outmoded thinking that we can no
longer afford to perpetuate.


    Delaware must preserve its ability to produce food, natural products and forest products
if  our economy  is  to remain strong  over the long term.  In a global environment of rapidly   
increasing population,  economic power will belong  in  large measure  to  food and energy
producers.  Policies  must be reorganized  and redirected  to actively alter  the economics
of farming  in favor of  Delaware’s farmers  through  a modern integrated program  of  crop
diversification,  research,  technology assessment,  innovation,  product development  and
attraction  of  related  food  processing,  support industries  and  agro-industrial complexes.
History has repeatedly shown  that  the  bleak alternative  is  a  thoroughly overdeveloped
suburban landscape  with a  low-paying service sector economy, higher taxes and a lower
quality-of-life when farming vanishes.


    America’s veterans deserve much better treatment than they are now getting. The State
of Delaware should act as their advocate in claiming their rightful federal benefits.


    Delaware  must  increase and expand  its consumer protection capabilities  and become
more proactive  in combating  fraud, identity theft, predatory lending practices,  invasions of
privacy, shoddy construction, home improvement scams, deceptive marketing and business
practices and other abuses. Existing state consumer protection statutes need to be rewritten
for a 21st Century information economy. Individual freedom of speech should be protected in
the face of SLAPP lawsuits.


    The mismanagement of Delaware’s correctional system is a crime against all Delawareans.
Political grandstanding must stop and practical commonsense restored to prison administration
before systemic safety and security problems can be solved. Effective action to correct existing
institutional deficiencies must be taken by the Governor and the General Assembly as a matter
of public safety.  Alternative sentencing for nonviolent crimes is a valid alternative to expensive
prison overcrowding. Independence of the parole and pardoning process must be preserved.

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